Corporate Trauma

Started on October 1, 2017

Just as Ellis Island in the Upper New York Bay gave safe passage to 12 million immigrants between 1892 and 1954 which later led to America being referred to as the “melting pot”. Corporate America has now given passage to millions of the progeny of those immigrants as well as the marginalized to create a melting pot of experiences within its construct.

Thus, it is the goal of the Corporate Trauma Team to provide resources and support to combat such limitations and give safe passage to authenticity, creativity and fulfilling experiences that are lacked by those who suffer from the effects of Corporate Trauma. We assert that these effects are Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression and Cognitive Dissonance associated with the negative experiences that take place within the corporate environment. We intend to help professionals to further their careers by finding and/or regaining the proper footing in order to deliver purposeful contributions while maintaining the energy and enthusiasm that comes from being true to one’s self.

Here’s how The Corporate Trauma Team can support you:

  • Information: Provocative and “eye-opening” blog articles
  • Solutions: Practical ways to make the most out of your daily grind
  • Community: Opportunities to share to stories and ideas associated with Corporate Trauma
  • Resources: Webinars, workshops and individual/group coaching sessions
  • Retreats: Offerings of temporary environmental change to produce lasting results

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